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Our History


Six Years Later

The company’s operations are moved to a new headquarters building in Fagaras with better production facilities. This allows us to develop a new range of products such as pastry flavors and flavors for snacks. At the same time we extend the range of tastes offered with new flavors as well as with different versions of the flavors already in the company’s portfolio. A new IT system is implemented that helps us to better organize our raw materials and finished products. This allows the company to become more efficient and to respond faster to customer demands and changes in the market. In the same period the company expands and starts gaining markets in Western Europe. Aromatics changes its shareholding structure and becomes a company with 100% Romanian capital.



The production of Aromatics becomes more diversified with new flavors for the beverage sector and the company extends its range of available products with natural colorants. Aromatics starts contacting customers in Asia and strengthening relationships with customers in Eastern Europe. We are now investing in new laboratory equipment and hiring new staff so that our research stays competitive and we can help our customers deliver world-class products. We believe that our top level research, excellent production facilities, hardworking and creative staff as well as our long lasting relationships with customers will help us grow even more in the future.

The five elements of our vision.

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