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The Natural Apple Orchard (Natural Livada Cincu) is located in the picturesque village of Cincu, close to our main factory in Fagaras. The village has a long tradition of apple cultivation and in 2004 we decided to purchase and modernize a section of an older orchard. Presently we have 16 hectares of apple trees and we are constantly working to expand our orchard.

Most of the orchard uses a modern irrigation system with water from our own wells. The new orchard was build with the latest technology in mind and it includes an ultra-low oxygen storage facility that can store up to 150 tons of fruits in ultra low oxygen conditions and another 200 tons in regular storage. This means that we can store apples for several months after they are ripe and maintain their freshness for longer.

Our apples are of the highest quality and are sold in major supermarket chains in the country as well as in farmer’s markets our region.

For the future we plan to expand our orchard to 24 hectares of high density plantation and expand our irrigation system by building an artificial lake for water storage.


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