The five elements that guide our vision

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Our Vision

In-house production based on our own research

From the beginning Aromatics was a flavors producer, not just a trader, and the vast majority of our product portfolio is based on our own research. For the future we will keep researching and developing our range of products in our laboratories in Fagaras and elsewhere so that we can better meet market demands. Our products are made in our factory in Fagaras, which allows us to follow each step of production carefully and to make sure that the products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Client focus through personalized products

The flavors that we offer are specifically tailored to the needs and budget of every customer. We do not offer only standard products but we try to develop unique products in partnership with our clients that are personalized for specific applications. In our laboratories we constantly work on prototype flavors that we use to create new products for our customers. We then evaluate these products together to obtain a final version of each flavor that is unique to each customer.

Export orientation

From the very beginning we have worked with external partners and we have exported our products on international markets. We have long-standing relationships with many companies in Eastern and Western Europe and exports make up the vast majority of our sales. We are constantly travelling to find new customers throughout the world and we are continuously looking for new partners who can help us reach new markets. Each year we participate in international fairs where we hope to find new partnerships and forge long lasting and profitable relationships with new customers.

Concern towards our employees

We believe that our employees are key to the success of our company and for this reason we are constantly working on their training and on improving their knowledge. We do this through internal training as well as with specialized external partners such as the University of Saint Lewis and the University of Nottingham. The safety of our employees is very important to us and for this reason we always invest in the best protection and safety equipment. We constantly improve our working procedures and we upgrade our factory periodically to make sure that our facility is a safe, productive environment for each our employees.

Search for innovation

We are constantly working on improving our product portfolio through research and on offering our clients flavors and ingredients that are following the latest trends. This is sometimes difficult considering that this is an ever-changing field both in terms of customer tastes and legislation, but we consider our ability to innovate one of our most important assets. Each year we visit flavor and ingredient fairs in Europe and beyond to learn about the latest innovations. We are always up to date with the latest literature in our field and we are sending our employees to flavor training courses organized by universities in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

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